Alisa Didkovsky's Artwork

My name is Alisa. I'm an artist in my mid-20s, currently residing in Florida.


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Super scribbly but I liked it a lot so THERE YOU GO.

I love looking back at how Yuned looked – say – a few months ago. Skinny little bab who was practically a stick-figure. Now look at him! Form! Muscle! Little butt!


AU where Yuned’rar became a Jedi instead of Sith.

He’s probably a good little Jedi up until he loses his Master or friend or someone and then he calls upon the powers of Cthulu.


Smiling Yuned’rar self portrait!

I, meanwhile, did all of this with my non-dominant hand. I usually just do line-art in that method :’)


Made a nice sketch and then decided I wanted a different pose >:|


Yuned’rar, while attempting contact with his long-lost brother who is, probably unbeknownst to him, a Jedi, accidentally projected images of spiders to him, as baby brothers wont to do.

Sorry, Zel, for the nightmares, but perhaps your insomnia-ridden nights are more enjoyable.