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My name is Alisa. I'm an artist in my mid-20s, currently residing in Florida.


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Commissions are open!


  • B&W — $10 (add. character/background +$5)
  • Colour — $15 (add. character/background +$10)


  • Line-art — $40 (add. character/background +$20)
  • Colour — $80 (add. character/background +$40)


  • Line-art — $60 (add. character/background +$30)
  • Colour — $100 (add. character/background +50)

You are allowed two revision requests and after that you will be charged. Once you have okayed the work and/or revisions, I will not make further changes unless there was a mistake on my part.

I take payments through PayPal.

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So ascottlegacy and I were discussing Laz’ab and Yuned’rar if they were Cenobites from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser and came to the conclusion that it was terribly fitting and that they might be just a little too comfortable as these sadomasochistic monsters from Hell.

Thus I bring you my rendition of Yuned’rar as a Cenobite. I went more by the designs of Pinhead and The Female in terms of their elegance.


Preview of a Halloween-y thing I am drawing.

Still quite a bit to do.


I’m still working out what Yuned’s actually wearing so this is interesting.


Seeing as how I’m terrible at completing memes, I’ll just share what I do have completed since it’s been over a month and I’ve never gotten around to the second page.


Template here.


Yuned’rar dressed in one of Jareth’s costumes.

No apologies.