Alisa Didkovsky's Artwork

My name is Alisa. I'm an artist in my mid-20s, currently residing in Florida.


Commission me!



It’s okay, Laz’ab, Yuned’rar’ll feed you only the tastiest bugs and spiders and so much hot chocolate—

Laz’ab belongs to ascottlegacy of course!


Someday I’ll figure out how to paint dark blue Twi’leks. Today is not that day.

saljamka's Aola'tar, Yuned'rar's sister and apprentice.


I bring to you an incredibly awkward drawing from start to finish where I spent twenty minutes drawing his arms, which are still bad, and contemplated his hips for another who knows how long.

But I saved it because I really liked how the lekku turned out and I need to remember this for another attempt.


I really liked his face without the tattoos too so, you get that version as well!

Someone’s a happy Twi’lek!

Ok I understand ^_^ I was just curious and thank you for responding!

A question by Anonymous

No problem! Thanks for writing :)